Daridra yoga

Daridra Yoga in Astrology – The Clear Picture

Get Life Report For 4, Daridra Yoga is one of the yogas mentioned in B. Raman's Important Combinations. It is a yoga formed when lord of eleventh house is in the sixth House, eight house or the twelfth house. Daridra is a sanskrit term which means a poor person. Similar to its name this yoga is known to cause poverty in life of the native. According to B. Raman: "Daridra Yoga natives will contact huge debts, will be very poor, will suffer from hearing problems, will be mean and will commit sinful and criminal deeds". Daridra Yoga is quite common. Eleventh house Lord in one of the dushamsthanas is a possible scenario is many horoscopes. But if the ascendant is strong then chances of poverty are quite less although chances of that person being engaged in shortcut and illegal means may rise. If lord of eleventh house also happens to be lord of a dushamsthana then Daridra Yoga is converted to Vipreeta Raja Yoga in time to come. For example in Pisces Ascendant, Saturn is lord of eleventh house and twelfth house. Even if Saturn is located in a dushamsthana then also Daridra Yoga is cancelled cause it does Vipreeta Raja Yoga in this scenario. If eleventh house lord is strong in a dushamsthana especially if malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu or Ketu are placed then they give positive results as rule of astrology states: "Negative planet in a negative house gives positive results". Other such countless combinations exists in a horoscope which can negate or lessen the ill-effects of bad yogas. All that a native requires are genuine efforts to do good karma. That in turn would give him good results sooner or later. This is the offical page of AstroIsha. We provide practical solutions to questions and wish to keep the superstitious and superficial remedies out of Astrology. We generally do not suggest any quick-fix remedies and are more interested in getting to the root of the problem. Unless the client specifically asks us we do not suggest gemstones, rituals or other remedies which increase fear and misunderstanding. Our suggestions are practical and logical. If you wish a practical solution to your query than kindly get in touch with us. Astro Isha. Daridra Yoga. View Comments. Delays Possible! Due to corona virus epidemic and lock down in India until 15th April your orders can be severely delayed. We at astroisha apologize for the inconvenience caused. Answer Type: Detailed Report. Short Answer. Number Of Questions: 1 2 3. Follow Us. About Us.

Daridra Yoga in Astrology

Definition: When either or both the lords of the 2nd and the 11th houses are placed in debility, trika houses the 6th, 8th or the 12th house or with malefic planets OR the 2nd or the 11th house contains a debilitated planet. Results: This is an unfortunate Yoga, as Daridra means pauper or beggar. When this yoga is activated, it gives acute financial crisis, loss of wealth, job, prestige, hardship and health problems related to eyes and ears. Remarks: Daridra means pauper or beggar, as the 2nd house denotes income, wealth and possessions and the 11th house signifies all kinds of gains and profits, when lords of these houses are in debility or in malefic 6th, 8th or 12th house or are sever affliction in any way, Daridra yoga is formed. It is very easy to understand that when income, wealth and gains signifying houses and planets are under affliction, then destitution and beggary can follow. But health problems related to eyes and ears may not be easily understood by everyone. The 2nd house also governs eyes and the 11th house also governs ears. Therefore, when lords of 2nd and the 11th house are under malefic influence then ear and eye disease can surely occur. Phala Deepika, a text on Hindu astrology written by Mantreswara, states only when the lord of the 11th house is in the 6th, 8th or 12th house, Daridra Yoga is formed and it dose not take the 2nd house in consideration. However, I differ from this view and my experience shows the 2nd house lord in similar placement or in debility or under affliction will cause financial hardship in is sub periods. Surprisingly this yoga is common in horoscopes of well to do people therefore one should not jump to conclusion seeing the 2nd house lord in debility and predicting poverty. The aspect of benefic or yoga karaka planet and the overall strength of the planets involved in Daridra Yoga as per Shodash Varga Charts should be taken in account. Toggle navigation. All rights reserved.

Daridra Yoga

The placement of planets or a combination of planets in your horoscope form different yoga. Yoga can be auspicious or inauspicious depending on the placement of planets or a combination of the planets. Daridra yoga is one of the inauspicious yoga which incurs challenges in the financial matters for the natives having this yoga at the time of their birth. Other inauspicious yogas in astrology are Kemdrum yoga, Grahan yoga, Shakat yoga, Chandal yoga, and Kuja yoga. Daridra yoga is created when the lords of either or both the 2nd and 11th houses are placed in debility or the 6th, 8th or the 12th house. The 2nd house is associated with personal income, wealth, possessions, and monetary prospects. The 11th house deals with income, prosperity, gains, profit, friends, elder brother or sister, hopes and aspirations and their fulfillment. Whereas the 6th, 8th or the 12th house are considered as Trik houses in astrology. The placement of planets in these houses is considered bad or weak. Hence the lord of the 2nd and 11th house when placed in these houses will not be able to give good results to the natives in financial related matters. Daridra means pauper or beggar hence it is said to be an unfortunate or inauspicious yoga. Yoga gives an acute financial crisis, loss of wealth, job, prestige, and hardship to the natives. It is because the 2nd house represents income, wealth and possessions and the 11th house represents all kinds of gains and profits. When lords of these houses are in debility or in 6th, 8th or 12th house then it leads to the formation of Daridra Yoga. Also, the natives are likely to face some setbacks in getting accumulated money. It just indicates that the native will face difficulties in accumulating money. They may have to face challenging situations when it comes to making and saving money. The natives may face huge losses in business or some major financial crunch in life. Someone may deceive for money. There are also chances of theft or loss of valuable items. The natives may have to spend money on their health issues or on the health issues of close ones. If the lord of 2nd or 11th house is forming Daridra yoga then during the Antardasha of that planet financial setbacks are likely to be faced by the natives. If the planet forming this yoga is in conjunction or aspected by the benefic planet then the effect of yoga will reduce. But if it is in conjunction or aspected by the malefic planet then yoga will become strong and will lead to more hardship in the life of the individuals.

Daridra yoga

Vedic astrology has rich explanations that we seek in life. According to our ancient Hindu belief, we can find answers to almost any event that can appear a mystery to us. There are numerous yogas and dosha pre- written in the panchang for us to interpret according to our birth charts. And one such yoga called daridra yoga is quite a common formation in many. To explain further, there can be different kinds in daridra yoga in astrology. Hindu astrology is a true image of our karmic past. Therefore, our present yoga are a clear indication of our deeds. Furthermore, it is important to know daridra yoga effects. Thus, knowing the daridra yoga meaning and finding the daridra yoga remedies can give you a better life. Firstly, lets know how this yoga forms in your natal chart. It quite simple, this yoga sets in your horoscope when the lord of the eleventh house positions in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house of your birth chart. This yoga also occurs when the second or eleventh houses are habited by malefic planets. For instance, Jupiter is considered a beneficial sign. Now, when Jupiter is placed in the eighth house, which is believed to be malefic, then the ill effects of daridra yoga occurs. Daridra literally means poor in Sanskrit. It has the capacity of stripping you off your wealth. This type of horoscope can cause you a state of absolute poverty and a life of struggles. In reality, majority of people suffer form this yoga as it is quite common. To understand daridra yoga in astrology, we may divide poverty into three types. So a lack of health is a type of daridra yoga effect. No matter how wealthy we may bethe evil clutches of ill health cannot be escaped! The next type of poverty is mental poverty. An unhealthy mind can be the home of humiliation and unhappiness. Finally, the lack of sufficient finance is financial poverty. It is believed that you could experience any of these hardships in everyday life with daridra yoga in your horoscope. Our ancient Hindu traditions is like a treasure box of fortune. For hundreds of years, we have heard various habitual things to do in daily life. Our forefathers passed on many customs over generations to us.

Daridra Yoga in Kundli: Meaning and Effects

Daridra yogas or Nirdhanta yogas along with Kemadruma yoga and Shakat yoga, are certain exceptional ava-yogas or unfavourable planetary combinations that indicate poverty. Kemadruma yoga is also caused when the Moon is in the 2nd or in the 12th house and no planet occupies the bhavas either side the Moon; the Shakat yoga is caused when Jupiter occupies the 6th or the 8th house from the Moon, in which both events there will be lack of wealth and much difficulty in making a living or gaining in prosperity. The good bad effects of Daridra yogas are felt during the adverse dashas or planetary periods of the afflicted lords of wealth and gains, and certain Daridra yogas operate from birth till death. There is an ancient dictum that reads — If the Moon occupies either the 6th or the 8th from the lagna and Saturn occupies the 7th house then all that one possesses will soon be lost. The association of the bhava-lord and the bhava-karaka is essential in any yoga-formation for the sake of bringing out the best results signified by that bhava, both should be vested with requisite strength and be unafflicted. The 2nd house counted from the lagna is the Dhanabhava, the house of wealth and Jupiter is the Dhanakaraka. Affliction caused by cruel planets, by the designated or functional malefics and the Marakas death inflicting planets to the 2nd house and its lord and to Jupiter results in poverty of varying degree. Jatakalankara states that if the lord of the Dhanabhava is combined with Jupiter in the 2nd house or in a kendrasthana there will be acquisition of much wealth but if they conjoin in a trikathana then acute poverty and misfortune will result. The location of cruel planets in the kendras from the Moon portends bad results if not evil results. If Saturn is in a kendra from the lagna occupied by the Moon and Jupiter is in the 12th house a person begs for alms and in frustration abandons his or her place or country of birth. Ava-yogas involving inauspicious bhavas and their lords affect the outcome of efforts and undertakings. Natural malefic tenanting evil bhavas do tend to cause worry, pain and suffering more so when they are the lords of auspicious bhavas; for Taurus lagna Saturn, the functional benefic, the yoga-karaka and friend of the lagna-lord, situated in the 8th or the 12th house from the lagna does not promote domestic peace and causes loss of wealth. The respective lords of the 2nd and the 11th house both associating with Jupiter make one very wealthy; they should also preferably be influenced by the lord of a trikonabhava which bhavas are the significators of good fortune, prosperity and great wealth. Any association of the lords of the 2nd, the 11th, the 5th and the 9th bhavas, strong and mutually inclined, indicates gain of wealth. According to Jataka Parijata any exalted planet or a planet occupying its exaltation navamsa if aspecting the Moon makes a person neither covet nor possess wealth even though Saravali states that the Moon aspected by the exalted lord of the lagna gives rise to Raja yoga. The lord of the 8th occupying the 2nd house from the lagna will make a person witness his or her wealth decline or get squandered. Parasara tells Maitreya that a person blessed with benefic yogas remains unfortunate if the birth is on an Amavasya, Krishnapaksha Chaturthi, Surya-sankranti, Mahapata, Solar or Lunar eclipse, Vyatipata, Ashubha yoga, Gandanta, Yamaghanta, Dagdha yoga, Tithikshaya, the Sun is debilitated or with same Janam nakshatra of father or mother or as the 4th issue after the birth of three sisters or three brothers. Persons thus born lead a poor life and also make their parents poor. When the lords of the lagna, the 2nd and the 11th house are combined with or aspected by malefic planets or have connection with the trikabhavas or their lords then one invariably experiences acute shortage of funds, loss of wealth and incurrence of debts. If the 2nd house from the lagna is occupied by a malefic and the lord of the 2nd house is combined with or aspected by malefic one speaks rudely and earns livelihood with much difficulty. If the 2nd house is occupied by malefic, the lord of the 2nd house is devoid of strength and the lord of the lagna is in a trikabhava conjoined with malefic one knows no comforts in life. The lord of the 11th house relegated to the 3rd, the 6th, the 8th or the 12th indicates loss of wealth and poverty. The lord of the 11th or the 12th occupying the 8th house uninfluenced by benefics indicates poverty. If the lord of the 4th or the 9th house or both combine with the lord of the 8th in any bhava and the lord of the 2nd house is debilitated, if the lord of the lagna is debilitated and the lagna and the 2nd house are occupied by malefic, if the lord of the lagna is in the 6th house and the lords of the 2nd, the 6th or the 8th are natural malefics, if the 2nd house is heavily afflicted and is not aspected by any benefic or if the lords of the 9th and the 10th occupy the 8th house either conjoined with or aspected by the lord of the 8th in all such cases one is bound to suffer the pangs of poverty. If the lords of the lagna and the 12th or the lords of the lagna and the 6th are in mutual exchange of signs and aspected by either the 2nd or the 7th house lord, if Ketu is in the lagna or with the Moon and the lord of the lagna is in the 8th house aspected by a maraka, if the lord of the lagna owns a trikabhava and is aspected by malefic or conjoined with Saturn and is devoid of benefic associations, if the lagna is occupied by a malefic aspected by a maraka or a maraka combined with a malefic occupies the lagna, if the lords of the trikabhavas occupy their own bhavas afflicted by a cruel planet, if the planet associating with a trikalord is not aspected by the lord of the lagna, the 5th or the 9th, or if the Atmakaraka or the lord of the lagna aspect the Atmakaraka then one certainly remains or becomes poor. If the 2nd house is occupied by a malefic and malefics also tenant the kendrasthanas or if Mars is in the 8th house and the Sun is in Libra sign in a trikonabhava then one ekes out a living as a beggar.

Daridra yog upay (keshav mamgain )

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